Finding Private and Closed Facebook Groups


Finding closed groups to join is one of the best ways to find highly targeted people that are ready to buy.

When you buy something online the merchant usually has a private or closed group for their new customers. This gives them the opportunity to build a following and the ability to market new products. That’s just Social Marketing 101. These groups consist of highly responsive customers that are ready to buy similar products. If there was only a way to find them. Let me tell you how I do it.

When you come across a product that fits your niche and is a hot seller you have a winner. Go to Facebook and run a graph search using the following terms:

[expert’s name] groups

[expert’s name] closed groups

[expert’s name] private groups

Closed groups [expert’s name] joined

Private groups [expert’s name] joined

Closed Groups of people who like [expert’s name]

Private Groups of people who like [expert’s name]

Closed Groups of people who like [niche]

Private Groups of people who like [niche]

I then simply request to join the group. I tend to get approved for about 75% of these groups because I am friends with many of the “Experts” in my niche. Once you are in, then the fun begins!

I personally target around 1000 potential friends a day and get around 300 that actually confirm. I then capture their real email addresses and add them to my email list.


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